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GOREC "Business Outdoors" Podcast!

Has time lost meaning for everyone else during this weird point in history? What feels like just a few days but was closer to a few weeks ago, I had the joy of being invited by Jamie Lewis-Hedges to join him a campfire and conversation on GoRec's podcast "Business Outdoors".

If you haven't caught the show before it's a great way to learn about local initiatives and businesses all working in connection with the great outdoors. Each week an awesome local is featured and shares a good old bonfire and beverage(s) while providing some excellent conversation - tales of wild adventure, humorous anecdotes, and soulful retrospect provide an evening to hold you over until your next adventure. Catch my episode where I discuss everything from living in a tent for a year to Bike Leelanau's bike library to reestablishing my relationship with nature on our own terms. The full video can be found here and as a podcast via Spotify at

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