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Ode to Taking the Long Way

Updated: Apr 7, 2020


Yesterday we took a car ride to nowhere in particular.

The windows were cracked and we squinted in the sunlight despite wearing sunglasses.

Fresh air ruffling hair and sweatshirts, crisp but refreshing,

The radio was silent, the streets were silent, and so were we. Reverent in our release.

The experience of freedom from our four walls washing over our souls.

We weren't in a hurry, we weren't rushing to get somewhere faster, trying to get to the next thing taxing our time.

In fact, we had unlimited time. A thought that didn't occur until my husband asked, "should we take the long way?"

A giggle escapes as I realize the impact of the question, can you take the long way when you aren't going anywhere in particular?

More silence as we slow down, crystal clear blue waves cresting the roadside.

Lakes absent of human impact, freshwater shimmering, breathing, taking a sigh of relief with us.

The twists and turns of the winding roads unwinding weeks of panic, worry, and anxiety.

Relaxation and peace seeping into my core.

Silver linings found through the windshield,

Appreciation for our destinationless wandering,

Gratitude for the chance to take the long way to nowhere in particular.

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